Dang you, Joe Pulizzi.

The lineup for the 2015 Content Marketing World Sept. 8-11 made it impossible for me as a 51-year-old college educated male, to resist.

I’m assuming Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi takes his own advice, and he and his team developed buyer personas for Content Marketing World. If so, they were right on target.

It’s sobering to know that rather than the discerning, quirky individualist I like to think I am, I fit the target persona to a tee.

Here are the top names you’ll see:

John Cleese: My older brother had me quoting Monty Python lines since before I knew what Monty Python was. As a junior high kid in a small town in Ohio, I had to wrap tinfoil around the antenna of my mom’s portable TV to pull in a snowy picture of the Flying Circus from the nearest PBS station. I didn’t think anyone could be a bigger thrill to see than William Shatner from 2013. I just may be wrong.

Nick Offerman: AKA Ron F$*^#@ Swanson from Parks & Rec, one of the best TV comedies of the past 10 years. A man’s man devoted to scotch, fine wood working and cultivating luxuriant facial hair, he’s the man I’d like to grow up to be.

Bare Naked Ladies: The most celebrated Canadian alt-rock band of the mid 90s, as described by Britta on NBC’s Community (also one of if not the best TV comedies of the past 10 years), and one of the few bands from later than my high school graduation that I have actually spent money to buy their music.

I’m looking forward to seeing these fine people live and in person, making new relationships and strengthening existing ones. Plus, there’s a host of content marketing gurus, divas, Jedis, yogis, masters, and experts on tap to educate and inspire us to go and do great work.

Now here’s the bombshell.

This is my fourth trip to Content Marketing World, and each one has been bigger and better than the year before. So I signed up at the end of the 2014 event, before I knew who the speakers or entertainment would be.

Take that, content marketing marketers!



(Initially published August 2015)